Products and Systems

Typical Systems

Workover Control System (WOCS)

CRE8 has long experience with hydraulic systems to subsea projects. Since the early 90’s CRE8’s personell has played an important role in developing and supplying a significant number of Workover Control Systems. This includes WOCS HPU, Main Control Unit (MCU), UPS, Jumpers, Emergency Shut Down Panel and Test Equipment. In 2011, CRE8 launched a standardized…

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

CRE8 design and produce a range of Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) and will together with our customers seek to find the right level of design to meet their requirements. CRE8 is well known for being creative and presenting new solutions to the market by challenging established industry practices. We have therefore pre-designed a flexible solution…

Normally Unmanned Installation

CRE8’s solution for Normally Unmanned Installation (NUI) CRE8’s long experience within design of remote hydraulic systems to Subsea Projects have been a great advantage when designing hydraulic systems for unmanned platforms. We have selected components with high MTBF figures and low rating in regards to external or internal leakages. This combined with our philosophy of easy access and…

Electro/Hydraulic Control Systems

CRE8 design and produce Electro/Hydraulic Control Systems and Services to the Oil and Gas Industry, typical products are: Wellhead Control Systems (WHCP) Workover Control Systems (WOCS) Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) Local Control Panels (LCP) Test & Flushing HPU (TFHPU) Hydraulic Distribution Panels X-mas Tree Instrumentation Umbilicals incl. stab Connection Plate Hydraulic Accumulation Units

Chemical Injection Systems

CRE8 design and produce a wide range of Chemical Injection Systems and will together with our customers seek to find the right level of design to meet their requirements. Typical Products within our range of Products are: Chemical Injection Pump Skids Chemical Test Cabinets Distribution Panels MEG Injection Systems CRE8 is well known for being…

Wellhead Control Panel (WHCP)

CRE8 have the most specialized and industry-leading team in Norway and possesses a significant level of competence within Wellhead Control Panels. All of this expertise has been collected from working with different projects and customers since the mid-80s. CRE8 produce and deliver a wide range of different Wellhead Control Panels in accordance with our customers’…

Test & Flushing HPU (TFHPU)

CRE8 design and produce Test and Flushing Hydraulic Power Units (TFHPU). These are oil based and water based units designed for pressure, flushing and functional testing of external systems. A wide range of other test equipment is also available and may be provided on a rental basis.  

BOP Control System (M-BCU)

M-BCU™,  The Next Generation BOP Control System CRE8’s unique expertise from temporary Workover Control Systems for Subsea applications has laid the foundation for a new and innovative design of BOP Control Systems. The M-BCU is based upon a standardized modular system. The modular philosophy gives great advantages to flexibility, service-friendliness and delivery time. Another important aspect…

About us

CRE8 is an innovative and quality-oriented engineering and manufacturing company to the Oil and Gas industry, for both Topside and Subsea applications:

- Chemical Injection System
- Wellhead Control Panel
- Hydraulic Power Unit
- Workover Control System

CRE8 is located at Sola, near Stavanger Airport, Norway

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Telephone: +47 47 77 71 70
Address: Skvadronvegen 29
4050 Sola